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Directory of Sessions in New Zealand


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North Island


Fire in the Mountain: Acoustic jam session
Where: The Bunker, Mount Victoria, Devonport
When: 7:00 pm one Sunday evening per month (usually the third, but phone to check)
Contact: Michael Young
Phone: (09) 446 6162
Added 15/9/2013

Where: Location: Florrie McGreals, 138 Hustmere Rd., Takapuna
When: Sundays 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Notes: Hosted by Lew Black, Helen Adams and Warren Payne
Phone: (Florrie McGreals) 486 6330
Updated: 15/9/2013

Where: Location: Florrie McGreals, 138 Hustmere Rd., Takapuna
When: Tuesdays 7:30pm to 10pm
Notes: Hosted by Phil Whitehead 027 554 9200
Phone: (Florrie McGreals) 486 6330
Updated: 9/5/2016

Irish Tunes session
Where: The Clare Inn, 278 Dominion Road, Mount Eden
When: Mondays, 8:00 pm
Who: Hosted by Jono Lonie
Phone: (The Clare Inn) 623 8233
Added 15/9/2013

Where: 99a McEntee Road, Waitakere, Waitakere City
When: Sundays, 5:00 - 8:00 pm.
Who: Trevor Sommers
Email: tsommers(at)ihug.co.nz
Notes: Singers, musicians, listeners, drinkers welcome.
Updated: 2/6/2007

Acoustic jam session
Where: The Thirsty Dog, 469 Karangahape Road
When: Every Monday, 8:00 pm.
Who: Hosted by Bones
Phone: (Thirsty Dog) 377 9190
Updated 15/9/2013


Irish Music session
Where: Valente's
When: 4th Thursday every month, 7:00 pm
Added: 15/9/2013


Where: Biddy Mulligans Victoria Street
When: Third Sunday of the month 5.00 - 8.00 ish
Contact: Noel Armstrong
Mobile: 021 232 7819
Email: gingaarmstrong(at)gmail.com
Who: All welcome
What: "This a Trad. session, tunes, singing and if we're cold enough occasionally some spontaneous dancing. All welcome."
Updated: 15/9/2013

Where: The GPO Restaurant and Bar, 43 Victoria Street, Cambridge
When: First Friday of each month, 6:30 - 9:30 pm.
Contact: Bryan and Wendy Mitchell at Unicorns n Pheasants (shop), 17 Empire Street, Cambridge
Phone: (07) 827 6906 (Shop hours)
Email: kilts(at)xtra.co.nz or unp(at)xtra.co.nz
Updated: 15/9/2013


No session currently.
Updated: 24/7/2018


Where: Rose & Shamrock, Napier Road, Havelock North
When: TWednesday evening, 8:00 pm.
Contact: Keith Gosney
Phone: 06 876 5867
Email: klgosney(at)xtra.co.nz
Updated: 30/8/2010


Where: Celtic Inn
When:Tuesday nights
What: "'Tis a very smokey joint, so be warned."
Contact: Duncan Davidson and PaulTurner (Phone numbers unknown)
Updated: 20/12/02


Where: Welsh Dragon, Cambridge Terrace
When: Tuesday Nights, from about 7:30 pm
Contact: admin@session.nz
Phone: Andy Linton +64 22 424 7156
Website: wellington.session.nz
Facebook: Wellington Session
Who: All welcome
What: ""Slow session to start with for the first hour or so and then we'll unleash the session hounds and the chase will be on. The excellent website has current tunes and tunes you can learn with sound files you can slow down and play along with."
Added 23/5/2016

South Island


Where: The Free House, Collingwood Street
When: Every Wednesday, 8:00 pm
Contact: Bob Bloody Bickerton
Email: mail(at)bickerton.co.nz
Added: 17/10/2009

Circle Session
Where: The Yurt and the Free House, Collingwood Street, Nelson
Format: This is an informal concert, where we sit in a circle and take turns performing material. No mics; no stage. It is a low-key, pleasand session: good for trying out songs, or getting started in performing.
Cost: none
Contact: Anna Heinz
Phone: (03) 546 7262
Email: anna.heinz(at)ncg.school.nz
Added: 15/9/2013

Singing Session
Where: The Yurt and the Free House, Collingwood Street, Nelson
When: Last Sunday of each month, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Format: This is a join-in community-singing session, open to anybody who feels like coming along. We have lots of song words and we sit in a circle with the songbooks. Anna (sometimes with Pete) plays accompaniments. Each person chooses a song and we all sing it. We take turns around the circle to choose and sing as many songs as we can fit into two hours!
Cost: none
Contact: Anna Heinz
Phone: (03) 546 7262
Email: anna.heinz@ncg.school.nz
Added: 15/9/2013


Where: All Nations Pub, Barrytown (28km North of Greymouth)
When: 2PM First Sunday of the month
What: Irish/Scottish folk tunes, songs
Contact: Garry dumbletonius@gmail.com
Facebook: All Nations Pub Page
Updated: 08/02/2022


Where: Finnegan's Irish Bar, 585 springs Rd. Prebbleton
Phone: 03 3496031
When: Fridays 7:30 pm.
What: Irish traditional
Contact: Scotty Hawthorn
Website: www.prebbletontavern.co.nz
Updated: 02/11/2017

Where: The Bog, Cashel Sreet
Phone: 03 379 7141
When: Tuesdays, 8:00 pm.
What: Tunes and songs. Beginners/Medium. Lead by Tom Greg and a hard core of about 5, who sit on stage; others sit in the front. Electric bass and vocals through the house PA system. Free beer for musicians.
Updated: 28/7/03

Where: Pomeroy's, 30 Kilmore Street
Phone: 03 365 1523
Email: lbolster(at)jadeworld.com
When: Alternate Tuesdays, 8:00 pm. (Ring to confirm.)
What: Acoustic. Advanced Tunes. Not normally any songs. "Where the guns go."
Updated: 23/11/2006

Where: Pegasus Arms (Oxford Terrace)
When: Monday night 7-30 until 10pm.
Who: Russell Gillies
Phone: 03 9807541
Email russell(at)selectsound.co.nz
Updated: 3/3/2012


Where: The Fork and Tap
When: Every Wednesday from 6:00 pm
Who: Karen Reid
Phone: 0274452569
email: km.reid@xtra.co.nz
Arrowtown Session Facebook Page
Added: 12/10/2017


Where: The Inch Bar, near the "Gardens Corner"
When: First Sunday of each month, from 4:00 pm until about 6:00 pm
What: Celtic tunes. Suitable for experienced players.
Contact: Mike Moroney (Phone +64 27 2272166)
Email: mikem@kiwifolk.com
Updated 23/5/2016

Where: 50Dundas Kitchen Session, 50 Dundas St. Dunedin
When: Sundays, except the first Sunday of the month (see above), from 4:00 pm.
What: Open session: slow tunes to start, beginners welcome. Gold coin donation.
Contact: Mike Moroney, Ph +64 27 2272166
Email: mikem@kiwifolk.com
Updated: 12/10/2017

Directory of Open Mic Sessions in New Zealand

Sessions where singers can turn up and perform.

North Island


Open Mic
Where: One 2 One Cafe, 121 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
When: Every Tuesday
Phone: (One2One Cafe) 376 4954
Added: 15/9/2013

Bunker Hill Folk Review
Where: The Bunker, Mount Victoria, Devonort
When: One Sunday evening per month (usually the 4th, but phone to check)
Who: Geoff Rowe
Contact: bunkerhillfolk(at)gmail.com
Phone: 0274 747 835 (evenings only)
Notes: For songwriters are showcased each month
Added: 15/9/2013

Where: Grand Central, 126 Ponsonby Road, Auckland City
When: Mondays
Who: Bex (Sound by Eddie Gadger)
Updated: 20/11/2006

Where: Diablo, Ponsonby Road
When: Tuesdays
Who: Nick Hohepa
Updated: 20/11/2006

Singer-songwriter night
Where: Clare Inn, 278 Dominion Road, Mt. Eden
When: Every Wednesday 8:00 pm
Who: Hosted by Darren McShane
Phone: 027 278 1660 or 480 2219
Updated: 15/9/2013


Where: Thunderbird cafe, 154 Featherston Street
When: 1st Sunday of the month 1-3 p.m.
Who: Kevin Ikin
Contact: kevin.ikin(at)clear.net.nz
Added: 5/10/15

Open mic
Where: Plimmerton Boating Club, Esplanade, Plimmerton
When: 2nd Thursday of the month, 7.30
Who: Roy McGuinness
Contact: mcclassics(at)xtra.co.nz
Added: 5/10/15