Some of the New Zealand Songs of the Pog Band

McKenzie Kath Tait
A song about sheep stealing folk hero whose name is given to the large tracts of high country in the central South Island. Kath Tait is a wonderful songwriter; this is one of her earlier works. She has three cassette albums, all of which feature her quirky sense of humour - and no topic is too sacred! This song is recorded by the band on Pogonorythms, The Pog Kit, Southern Bred (video) and Sesqui (CD).

C'mon Kiwi Mike Moroney
Written at the time of our first America's Cup challenge at Freemantle, this song is nearly 10 years old and much of the sentiment still holds true for New Zealand today.

Pot o' Gold (Rainbow) Mike Moroney
This song, also, was written 10 years ago at the time of the French terrorist attack on the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, which was sunk in Auckland Harbour with the loss of a life. This song is included in the Pog Kit teachers' resource and is one of the most popular songs among the kids and teachers alike.

Gutboard Blues Dave Jordan
Working at the "freezing works" (slaughterhouse/meat processing plant) in New Zealand is good money but seasonal work only. One of the most disgusting jobs on the "chain" is working on the gutboard where all the entrails are processed. Dave Jordan's song accurately describes the nature of this work. The Pog Band has not recorded this song to date but Marcus Turner, Mike Harding and Dave Jordan himself have recorded excellent, though quite different, versions of it.