C'mon Kiwi

Mike Moroney
[Tune - midi file - chorus-verse] [Chord chart text file]

C'mon Kiwi, C'mon Kiwi,
C'mon Kiwi, C'mon Kiwi,
Didn't we do well.

Fifteen million dollars builds a twelve-metre yacht to win the cup,
And I'd like to thank the bankers and the businessmen who put the money up,
'Cause it makes me proud to be a Kiwi when New Zealand's right there at the top,
And we're up there with the big boys, Aotearoa's squarely on the map.

And meanwhile back in Godzone there's a farmer missed a payment on his loan,
So the bankers and the businessmen come and cart of every thing he owns,
And it made him proud to be a Kiwi, working thirty years to make it pay,
I saw him crying like a baby on the TV as they drove his stock away.

And right across the country, fam'ly's forced to live in garages and cars,
While the bankers and the businessmen are taking over land that isn't theirs,
And the Treaty of Waitangi doesn't stop them doing exactly what they please,
And the stree-kids and the prisons are the symptoms of your monetary disease.

In this Paradise Pavlova, this land of number eight and "She'll be right",
Well the bankers and the businessmen are taking over like manuka blight,
And if you're wondering where your money goes, they're the ones us users have to pay,
And the bankers and the businessmen, and Stars and Stripes, They're all sailing away.

Sailing away
Sailing away
New Zealand, we've sold it
Take it away