Pot o' Gold (Rainbow)

Mike Moroney
[Tune - midi file - verse-chorus] [Chord chart text file]

God said "Captain Noah, build yourself a boat,
Round up all the animals and set them all a-float,
'Cause there's a storm a-brewin' Son,
But I'll send you a rainbow when I'm done.

And only a fool would put a rainbow down,
Only a fool, a jester or a clown,
Only a fool would put a rainbow down.

When you're staring from your window, raindrops on the glass,
And the sun shines once again, when the storm has passed,
When everything is fresh and green,
That's when a rainbow can be seen.

There came a peaceful warrior who sailed a peaceful sea,
Heading for a danger zone, defending you and me,
We were sent a rainbow of our own,
But someone came and put our rainbow down.

So, when the night is darkest, just before the dawn,
When you're in the middle of that never-ending storm,
Don't believe the stories that you're told,
That rainbow is your only pot of gold.